Madrid Mahou

Mahou is inconceivable without Madrid, and Madrid would not be the same without Mahou. A city we know better than anyone, and which we encourage you to visit with us.

Highlighted routes around Madrid

Mahou has created these routes so that you can discover the authentic Madrid, not as a tourist but as one of the locals. We know the best places and can give you the best recommendations, because we have lived here for 125 years. Come and visit!

Beer tour of Madrid

The “caña” is the most traditional and authentic way to enjoy beer in Madrid: a 20 cl glass, a 2 cm head, and of course... with tapas on the side! Discover the best routes to head out for a "caña" or two in Madrid in this selection of establishments in the various city districts where you can be served a beer by one of our Mahou masters.