This is Madrid

Drinking a Mahou allows you to experience the unmistakable flavor of Madrid, as well as the true flavor of Spain. Since 1980, Mahou has been starring in this city’s most exceptional moments and representing the authentic flavor of this country.

Mahou is Madrid’s favorite beer
Estrellas Mahou

You can’t understand Madrid without the flavor of Mahou, so go out and wander around its streets, visit all of its bars and discover the authentic flavor of this city, because the best memory you can take away from Madrid is to have truly experienced it.

In Madrid, when you go out for a quick Mahou beer… you end up seeing the sunrise.
The best souvenir from Madrid is to have experienced it with a Mahou in your hand.
The name of Madrid’s beer is pronounced like this: MA-U.
Mahou is one of basic words of the Spanish language. Learn it well!
If you don’t drink Mahou, you haven’t been to Madrid!
Enjoying the flavor of a Mahou is one of the best reasons for extending your stay in Madrid.
The best memory to take away from Madrid is to have
experienced it.
Mahou. Brewing the real heart of Spain, since 1890.