Be the ★ of the show

Maestria, meaning "Draught Masters", is our exclusive training programme designed to teach and recognise the authentic art of the Mahou perfect pour.

Keep the legacy alive

Mastering the pour of the most awarded Spanish beer in the world is an art dating back 130 years — and now you can become the star of the show!

In the Maestria training programme, you will learn to follow in the footsteps of our previous Mahou stars and make every pour a performance to remember. Your customers will enjoy the real Five Star Taste of Spain until the very last drop.

Anatomy of a draft beer Anatomy of a draft beer

Lesson 1

Maestría Equipment

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Lesson 2

Anatomy of the Perfectly Poured Mahou

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Lesson 3

Maestria Six Steps Ritual

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Lesson 4

Keep It Clean

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Lesson 5

Mistakes To Avoid

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