Recipe Picture
Recipe Picture

200g cod


1 mild chili pepper


1 clove of garlic


1 slice of bread


100 ml milk


150 ml olive oil


8 roasted piquillo peppers from a tin

1 loaf of baguette style bread


150ml of double cream




6 cocktail sticks


6 skewers


6 stalks of chive


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Step 1


Place the cod in a small saucepan with oil, the crushed garlic and the chili, over a medium heat. Let it cook for around 15 minutes. Remove, flake the cod and set aside the oil.

Step 2


Place the soaked bread into a blender. Blend, gradually adding the oil to create a kind of mayonnaise. Add the flaked cod, salt and set aside.

Step 3


Use a spoon to help fill 8 peppers.  Close them with a cocktail stick if desired. Bake for 8 minutes at 180º and set aside to serve.

Step 4


Meanwhile, blend a couple of peppers with the cream, place in a saucepan and warm through. Add salt to taste.

Step 5


Place some slices of toasted bread on a tray. Pour a little sauce on each and finish off with a stuffed pepper held on with a skewer. Cut some chives to put on top of the peppers.

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